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Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

Asus G53SW-A1 With a quad-core Core i7 processor

Asus G53SW-A1 With a quad-core Core i7 processorAsus G53SW-A1 With a quad-core Core i7 processor

It's eight pounds of all muscle. With a quad-core Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX460M graphics, and a abounding HD display, the ASUS G53SW-A1 is one austere gaming laptop. The stealth-fighter aggressive architecture is additionally intimidating--in a acceptable way. Priced at a reasonable $1,449, this rig has all the adequacy of a hit. Should you aggregation up with this bad boy?

Following the architecture cues of its 17-inch cousin, the G53SW-A1 has the aforementioned angular curve as the F117-Nighthawk stealth fighter and a matte lid that resists fingerprints. Unlike Alienware and MSI, ASUS goes with a less-is-more approach. You won't acquisition customizable multi-color lights here, aloof a white, light-up ASUS logo and an engraved Republic of Gaming adumbration on the lid. The two rear vents added advertise the fighter even motif, but additionally advice air-conditioned the anthology and accommodate babble dampening.

The G53SW's autogenous reveals the aforementioned bland atramentous matte theme. The alone barring is the affectation bezel, which is fabricated of texturized plastic. The atramentous matte approach blow uses a rubberized material, giving it a bendable feel.

The 8.2-pound G53SW is absolutely a heavyweight, ascendant the Alienware M14x (6.4 pounds), Digital Storm xm15 (5.8 pounds), and MSI GT680R (7.6 pounds). Measuring 15.4 x 1.1 x 0.8-2 inches, the G53 is one of the beyond models, too. While you apparently won't do so, accustomed the G53 about can be adamantine on the back, abnormally with the 1.8-pound brick-like battery. Still, the G53 is easier to schlepp than the 17-inch G73, which weighs 8.8 pounds and measures 16.6 x 12.8 x 2.3 inches.