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Jumat, 03 Juni 2011

15-inch Apple MacBook Pro

15-inch Apple MacBook Pro Lowest Price: $2,199.00

Last year back Apple adapted its 15-inch MacBook Pro, it arranged a Core i7 CPU and switchable cartoon into the company's iconic unibody aluminum chassis. Apple is advancement the ante again, this time with Intel's second-gen Core processor, AMD graphics, a high-definition webcam, and Thunderbolt, a new accelerated affiliation that can alteration an absolute HD cine in beneath than 30 seconds. Plus, this assertive still delivers accomplished array life. Apple kept the amount the aforementioned as afore (starting at $1,799; $2,199 as configured), so how abundant added do you get for your money?

The 15-inch MacBook Pro sports the aforementioned carved-from-a-single-chunk-of-metal unibody architecture as before, with a athletic aluminum anatomy and angled edges. The all-embracing attending is chic and modern, admitting it makes advance alone apparatus (such as the RAM and adamantine drive) difficult, as the absolute basal charge be unscrewed.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro has the aforementioned ambit (14.4 x 9.8 x 1 inches) and weight (5.6 pounds) as the antecedent version. While we absolutely acquainted the added backpack while accustomed the apparatus home, it did fit in our agent bag, which is added than we can say about best 15-inch notebooks. The Dell XPS 15, for example, weighs a batter added and measures a bulkier 15 x 10.4 x 1.3 to 1.5 inches. Regardless, the MacBook Pro will booty up an absolute airline tray table