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Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

HTC X7500 Advantage Pocket PC

HTC X7500 Advantage Pocket PC

Month after month, HTC throws in a wide range of Pocket PC and Smartphone market in hopes of surpassing its rivals (eg Eten, Palm, HP). Regardless of the fact that HTC has already won the fight, I still think that newcomers in the market like Asus, Gigabyte and up to his companion that make it difficult to HTC to keep their number 1 as a manufacturer of Pocket PC.

The Taiwanese company seems to develop a perfect marketing strategy that pursues a single goal that has become almost an obsession - "the offerings of many models for many targets as possible." In addition, from the advantage X7500, HTC has a new adventure that will ultimately make it stand out as a manufacturer of UMPC. Upper-range alignment of HTC, the advantage is for the road and businessmen will soon discover that it is better for the 350 grams HTC device a portable 3 kg.

Officially announced in January 2007, HTC Advantage X7500 also known as HTC Athena was published in February through operator T-Mobile and HTC. The price of the device starts from $ 1,200 and can reach almost $ 1,500, depending on the location and the sales package.