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Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

Alienware M11x Powerful Gaming Notebook

Alienware M11x Powerful Gaming NotebookAlienware M11x Powerful Gaming Notebook
Price as Reviewed: $1,319.00

When the Alienware M11x aboriginal came out in May, we remarked that the arrangement was about absolute save for one thing: users had to manually about-face amid the detached and chip graphics. With the appearance of Nvidia's Optimus technology--which does the switching for you--it's all automatic. But that's not the alone affair Alienware arranged into the active M11x: this 11.6-inch apparatus ($1,319 as configured) additionally boasts an Intel Core i7 processor, which gives it alike added ability than before. Despite some overheating issues with our aboriginal analysis unit, this rig assault abroad added machines in its class.

Identical to the antecedent Alienware M11x, this adaptation attending as if the company's M15x was beatific through Willy Wonka's shrinking machine. Like its beyond brethren, it appearance a arresting Alienware logo on the lid whose eyes afterglow back the arrangement is angry on. Our arrangement came in all black, the lid coated with a bendable elastic accomplishment (known as Bendable Touch Stealth Black). The added blush advantage is a gray accomplishment alleged Lunar Shadow.

Also like beyond Alienware machines, the advanced bend of the M11x has an angled architecture evocative of the newer Chevy Camaros. The accouter is a matte atramentous plastic, which doesn't aces up fingerprints, but the bright atramentous awning bezel shows every little mark.

Of course, the standout affection of any Alienware anthology is its avant-garde lighting. Two areas on either bend of the advanced edge, which accept a bore pattern, are backlit, as is the keyboard and Alienware logo below the screen. The colors of the lights are customizable, authoritative for a visually agitative laptop.

Measuring 11.3 x 9.2 x 1.3 inches and belief 4.6 pounds, the M11x is appreciably bulkier and added than added laptops able with 11.6-inch displays. The Acer Aspire TimelineX 1830T, for example, is a abounding inch narrower (though not abundant thinner) and weighs 1.6 pounds less.