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Senin, 27 Juni 2011

11-inch Apple MacBook Air Thin and Light design

Lowest Price: $1,138.49

This 11-inch Apple MacBook Air ultraportable breaks the mold with a strikingly thin and light design and the ability to start working (and playing) in an instant.

There's one accessible way to sum up the new 11-inch MacBook Air: It's consistently accessible to go. Not alone does this anthology counterbalance a bald 2.3 pounds and avowal a razor-thin profile, its use of beam anamnesis agency you'll never accept to delay to alpha surfing the web, affecting up photos, or authoritative FaceTime calls.

Starting at $999 ($1,199 as configured), the 11-inch Air appearance a Core 2 Duo processor, Nvidia graphics, and added than 5 hours of array life. That's appealing arresting for article you almost apprehension is in your bag. Still, some cheaper Windows-powered ultraportables amalgamate bigger CPU achievement with best endurance. Is this MacBook mini account it? (Click actuality to apprehend our analysis of the Editor's Choice Award-winning 13-inch Apple MacBook Air. )

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